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Alex B. Ramsey

Alex Ramsey grew up traveling with her parents on many memorable trips. For example, for her 6th birthday, Sam and Fran took her to a private home in Jamaica on stilts overlooking the gorgeous waters of Port Antonio. The country was still a British colony then, and actor Errol Flynn was a guest at the six-year-old’s birthday party.

As President of All Aboard, Alex directs strategy, marketing, and finances. She aligned All Aboard with Virtuoso and serves on the Virtuoso Innovation Team. Alex is president of LodeStar Universal, a company she founded in 1998, which focuses on leadership development for Fortune 500 companies. She also is adjunct faculty at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University teaching Entrepreneurship and lectures for the US State Department to representatives from developing countries.

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Becky Newton Travel Advisor & Disney Advocate

Becky Newton is our go-to guide for all things Disney! Not only are the theme parks increasingly complex, people often don’t realize there’s more to Disney than the parks. There’s Disney Cruises and Disney Adventures, which especially attractive for multi-generational trips and older kids. Becky loves everything Disney and has the kind of upbeat, positive personality to match the Disney spirit, no matter where you are planning to go. Like most of our staff, Becky’s also a world traveler and loves adventure. She’s been to many, out-of-the way spots for fishing, yachting, and sightseeing. Her first European jaunt was the classic college backpack trip. Not too long ago, she planned a trip to the French countryside for All Aboard’s President and discovered one of our now most favorite hotels in the heart of legendary French Burgundy wine country near Beaune. On one of her recent trips to Orlando with her two sons, they experienced the outrageously fun “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party,” during the spectacular Disney Halloween season. Next time you’re ready to “wish upon a star” with a little Disney magic, talk to Becky first. For help with Disney or other travel needs: Call Becky at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.


Patsy Sowa
Senior Travel Advisor
Office Manager

With deep family roots in Europe, Patsy Sowa grew up traveling. Six was the age her parent’s first took her to visit relatives in Europe. It’s in her blood! Recently, she’s been in Argentina, on a Micato African Safari, to Jamaica, Cabo, Bora Bora, and more. She loves Hawaii and has checked out every Four Seasons in the state! She believes traveling is a unique experience and personal. She’ll never forget the panic she felt the time she had a flat while driving in Rome going the wrong way on a one way street! Patsy has been with All Aboard Travel for 20 years and as manager insures unmatched service for All Aboard’s clients. She does her best to help our clients avoid the panic and enjoy the panoramas. For help with all international or other travel needs: Call Patsy at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.


Beverly Lide Ware
Travel Advisor

Beverly Lide Ware  joined All Aboard Travel more than 30 years ago. Fran hired Beverly when she was truly a young pup in the business. A native Dallasite with deep family roots here, she’s been a part of All Aboard a long time. With her family, beautiful daughter, and friends, she has traveled the world with some of the world’s great travelers. She is discriminating and particular for her clients, making sure that they stay in properties that reflect their personalities and tastes. Beverly often enjoys the charm and slower pace of Mexico as well as the gorgeous home a sister owns in Santa Fe, a place where she recharges her batteries. For help with all international or other travel needs: Call Beverly at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.


Kathryn Smith
Travel Advisor

Born and raised in Wales, before settling in the Dallas area with her two children, Kathryn Smith spent 15 years traveling the world living in such diverse places as South Africa and Singapore. When she says, “I’ve been there!” she really means it. She didn’t just visit, she probably lived there. Her recent trips to Machu Picchu (via Disney Adventures) and to Kenya with Micato on African safari were bucket-list experiences come true. She’s also become a St. Lucia specialist and has traveled there several times in recent months. Most recently, she returned from a whirlwind trip to London, where she visited every Virtuoso hotel to make her own first-hand opinion. On a congratulatory note, last year, Kathryn became a bone fide American citizen! For help with all international or other travel needs: Call Kathryn 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.

Lisa Bautz Travel Advisor

Lisa Bautz’s priority list are beaches! She especially loves to sun in the Caribbean enjoying legendary spots such as Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas. She rejoined All Aboard this year after taking off 17 years to raise her now teen-aged son. She first entered the travel whirl while living in Hawaii long before Blake was born. She planned to become a SCUBA dive master when Fate intervened. Lisa met future husband Andy and returned to her home here in North Texas. Before long, Blake was on the way and even All Aboard had to wait until she was ready to return. Now, with her infectious laughter and vivacious personality, she’s back! She says, in spite of being away all those years, All Aboard Travel still has great clients and continues to offer incredible expertise. What’s different is that we’re even more innovative and the technology is better. For great fun in the sun and expert air: Call Lisa Bautz at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.

Lisa Blair Travel Advisor – Groups Globe trotter


Lisa Blair loves to plan for and take groups traveling. Whether it is a girl’s spa/tennis getaway, a guy’s hunting/golf trip, or a couple’s cruise, Lisa makes planning fun and easy. Her extensive India travel inspired her to support a girl’s school there, where students learn to sew, enabling them to earn a living. She’s guided trips to Europe, India, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, China, Japan the U.S. and Canada. Always expanding, Lisa has joined the newly formed Virtuoso Health and Wellness movement. Armed with her SMU degree in Psychology, Lisa finds she uses her people skills to maintain a fun and relaxed flow within all her groups so that she is a favored leader. Lisa can design a memorable and customized trip for your corporate or leisure tribe. In addition, she’s available to accompany as a guide, showing everyone undiscovered gems along the way. That’s more than a turn of phrase, since Lisa is a celebrated jewelry designer as well as outstanding travel advisor. For your next spectacular group, incentive, or wellness planning: Call Lisa Blair at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.

Minda Brooks Accounts Receivable

Growing up in surrounded by her large Rio Grande Valley family, Minda Brooks says, “I learned to value getting along with people and working to please,” qualities that are essential in the travel business. Minda worked for 20 years as a corporate agent in companies such as EDS before migrating to the accounting side of the business. At All Aboard, she is responsible for accounts receivable. She watches out for all our advisors and stays on top of important accounting procedures to keep our agency fiscally healthy. When she’s not taking care of business, Minda and her husband can often be found at a St. Mark’s baseball, soccer, or football game, since son Grant plays all these sports. He is a star kicker on the football team. When in town, daughter Rachael, a U. of Oklahoma student joins the family fan club. Not surprisingly, considering how elegantly attired Minda always is, among her favorite places to visit are sophisticated shopping and cultural meccas such as Chicago and New York. For questions regarding accounts receivable: Call Minda at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.

Julie Schmidt

Julie Schmidt
Travel Advisor


Living in Madrid 20 years ago as a Vanderbilt student, Julie Schmidt fell in love twice. That’s when she met fellow Vanderbilt student and her future husband and caught the travel bug. Born and raised in Dallas/Fort Worth, her passion lies beyond the borders of our wonderful state. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and parts of Europe. She particularly loves destinations where she can use her Spanish language skills and indulge her “foodie” side. Julie’s passion for research and commitment to client service is what brought her to All Aboard Travel. She wants to be part of a team with an incredible knowledge base and individualized approach to travel planning. Her favorite destinations are beaches in the Caribbean and large cities as both offer unique learning experiences and a multitude of dining options! Outside of work, Julie enjoys exercise and wellness, loves testing new recipes on her family (which now includes two elementary-aged daughters) and is an active member of the Lakewood Elementary PTA.

For help with all international or other travel needs: Call Julie at 214-521-8444 or Contact Us.

Mindy Apple

Mindy Apple fell in love with travel for the first time with wonderful family vacations!  From the coast of California, to the Caribbean and Mexico, to Hawaii, she realized at an early age that she wanted to see the rest of this beautiful world!  After graduating from The University of Georgia, Mindy then went to work with Delta Airlines as a flight attendant. How fortunate to get to see the world for your job….both domestic and international trips!  Now, as a mom of two boys, she is continuing the tradition of amazing family vacations, as there is no better education in the world. Mindy would love to help other families experience this as well!