Fran Beard with daughter Alex Ramsey

All Aboard Travel Founder Fran Beard with daughter Alex Ramsey

Fran Beard founded All Aboard Travel over 40 years ago, because she had a passion for unique travel experiences that she wanted to share. Along with her beloved husband Sam, Fran traveled around the world as much as three times a year to Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and South America for 45 years. She made more than 100 trips to Europe and the Italy which she loved with all her heart.

When in the office, Fran never turned a computer on: She didn’t have time. She was too busy talking to hotel and reservation managers the world over discussing details for her treasured clients to make sure they were pampered wherever they were. She knew exactly what road to take, what wine to order, and whom to call when a client needed help.

Many in the hotel industry worldwide say, “Fran?…. Why, Fran advised me in the early days of my career and helped me get my start!”

In the midst of her last trip to Europe in June of 2009, Fran came home early for the first and last time. After a brief hospital stay, she passed away.

Today, Fran’s daughter Alex B. Ramsey follows her legacy as President of All Aboard Travel.

Although travel has changed tremendously since the regulated days when Fran started the company, All Aboard continues Fran’s legacy of exceptional knowledge and service.

All Aboard is proud to now be a Virtuoso agency, meaning we are among the top 1% of all travel agencies worldwide. We have a dedicated, loyal, and high-integrity staff of travel consultants. Our people are the best in the world at what they do. Several have been with All Aboard for more than 20 years. Thanks to the Internet, our clients are in every state and some foreign countries.

Founder Fran Beard on her way to MadridTravel is complex and challenging, and a great travel agency saves enormous amounts of time, money, and stress. According to a recent Wall St. Journal article and Forrester research, travel agency use is growing-not declining as many assume.

All Aboard specializes in luxury, bespoke (or FIT) travel, and executive travel-the most challenging travel jobs. We are delighted to help all travelers who share our passion for exploring the world, or who just want to get from here to there with the least amount of hassle. We have corporate clients, cruise clients, adventure clients, honeymooners, and specialty clients. We can provide value within a range of budgets.

We have outstanding specialists in every country, meaning folks who are experienced, courteous, compassionate, and kind, to support our clients. We strive to provide clients with the best rates and the best service for their needs. We take care of people, families, pets, and all the thousands of details that arise in today’s complex world.

With the spirit of Fran’s passion and love for travel always guiding us, we welcome you.