Google Pixel Buds

On the gadget front, for Google and Android lovers (i-phone folks can skip this post), you may be interested to hear about Google Pixel Buds, a combination translation and wireless headphone. It allows you to hear live translations of your conversations with locals in your own language. Your response is also translated from a foreign language and “spoken” back through the Pixel Buds.

So is there a catch? Of course! Although the Google name brings credibility to the product and the Google Translate app on a phone is nearly ubiquitous, there are limitations. Besides only working if you own a relatively new Android Smartphone, it also requires the ultra-bougie Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 to work. Still, it’s a trendy new development for those ahead of the curve.

Are they worth the $160 price tag? I’d wait. Let Google work out the kinks, streamline the functionality, establish compatibility with other phones, and ultimately nothing will be lost in translation.